Monday Musings – Family

I only worked a half day today, and seeing as all the kids were occupied elsewhere, I took the opportunity to visit with my parents. Granted it was actually with an ulterior motive, but any time I get to hang out with the ‘rents without the kids is pretty rare.

I know Dad would hate my ulterior motive. I know my siblings think it’s fairly sensible. I think Mum just likes having me around. My motive is pretty simple: Dad is getting older. We all are, it’s a thing people do. But Dad is still running the farm, and working, and he still does all the heavy lifting himself. The very least I can do when I have some time, is offer my presence (because I’m awesome), and a spare set of hands to help on the farm.

Truth is I’m not very useful yet, which seeing as I grew up on that farm, is kinda odd. But the parents only asked some work of us. I could milk cows, feed calves, round up cows, drove cattle, hose the yard, check troughs etc. But things are different. I’m out of practice, and Dad runs beef instead of dairy cattle now.

So while I go to the farm to hang out with Dad, and help out, it also helps me. I’m learning some of the random farm stuff that I never understood before. I’m learning just how hard my parents worked to raise us kids. I’m learning that no matter what happens, I can be tough, I can learn new things and I can still give a damn about other people.

I realised a little while ago just how much I value, and need, my family. I also realised that life can still throw punches that make you want to run to the people you know will look after you, and back your play no matter what. And I’ll be forever grateful to my family. So that’s another reason to go to the farm, hang out with Mum, work with Dad. I don’t know how else to repay them for everything. But I can give them my time, my love, and a spare set of hands. It’s all I have. And I’m happy to give it.


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