Crochet Beanies and a Crazy Saturday

I love to crochet. I’m not spectacularly good at it, I need more practice at some of the more complex stitches. But I can rock the basics, so today I crocheted a beanie for my cousin.

She’s awesome. Not only is she fun, funny, a black belt at Tae Kwon Do and a PhD, she’s also just a genuinely nice person. She did Shave for a Cure, and is rockin’ a fairly great buzzcut. So when she was calling for sponsorship donations, she also put out a call for awesome beanies to draw attention to the cause, and to keep her brain warm now that Autumn has come.

She did say the brighter the better. I’m sure radioactive orange works well with labcoat white. So that was my good deed for the day. Hers was to convince everyone to raise money for cancer research.

When my son saw what I was doing, he asked that I make one for him too. Blue was the colour of choice for the almost four year old ratbag, so I started one for him as well.

But that was only one section of my day. My kids have been sick and I’m feeling a touch of it myself. And even though I’ve been pushing the honey and lemon drinks, the water, and trying to convince everyone to eat, I’ve also been rocking the kiddie painkillers.

Although I do like to limit the amount of medications my kids take (microbial stewardship is an important part of defeating antibiotic resistance in bacteria), when they are really sick, I’m going to use everything available and reasonable to help them get over their illness. Also high fevers are no fun for anyone, watching the 18 month old suffer through a really bad fever is not my idea of a good time. So paracetamol, ibuprofen, you are my friends. I should buy shares in the company.

The oldest came back from a sleepover angry, hungry with a headache and sleep deprived. So following some rampaging through the house, and general teenage unpleasantness, she was grumpy and so was I.

Making dinner with angry, tired, sick kiddos, and not feeling awesome yourself is unappealing at the best of times. Today was not the best of times. The element in the oven broke sometime after I cooked lunch in it. I went to turn the pie, and didn’t need the oven gloves. It was still frozen and the fan was running, but the element was dead. The landlord isn’t going to be pleased, even if a replacement element can be found for my ancient model oven.

So aside from constant runny noses, the random runny nappies that come along with baby colds, a son who needs a beanie and a pie, a daughter who needs a decent sleep and an oven that won’t even get looked at until after the public holiday, at least I achieved something. I made a radioactive orange beanie for an amazing woman who I get to call family. To some it may seem like nothing, but in a day that has been a little hard on my brain and body, it was huge.

And then I think of my grandma, recently diagnosed with cancer, who I currently can’t see due to sick me and sick kids, and my cousin who’s doing something to raise money to cure cancer, and drop the pit party. I’ve lived through worse, and others are living through their stuff too. So it may have been a crappy day, but tomorrow will be another adventure.



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