Getting Back on the Horse

I got back on the horse today. Literally. It’s been years since I rode regularly and I’ve only ridden once in the last five years. But after a long time thinking up possible solutions to my issue, Dad came up with the goods.

For me it was all about the style of saddle I need to use, and though before injuring my tail bone, flat stock saddles were uncomfortable, now they are the only ones I can use without pain.

So despite my trepidation, and outright fear (I used to be a confident rider, not so now) I went up the paddock with my mother and daughter to check the cattle.

And I enjoyed it. It also made me think. How much do we avoid because of perceived fears and limitations? Would I ever have ridden again if Dad hadn’t given up his good drafting saddle so I could try again? How long would I have just coped with my injury without trying to find ways around my physical limitations?

Now I know that a little lateral thinking can get me around an issue, what other areas of my life can I apply that to? The answer is pretty much all of them.

Finding new solutions for nagging problems might be a new hobby for me, as well as embracing the old one by continuing to climb back up on that horse.

*The above photo is not me, it’s my Dad, riding Arolok Merlin at Rich River campdraft. I think it was taken by Mel Walters, but I can’t read the watermark. Sorry for the sub par referencing


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