Natural Chilblain Remedy

Autumn has not started, so under normal circumstances I wouldn’t be thinking about chilblains. But my current job means that no matter the weather outside, inside is always colder. And spending my days playing in liquid nitrogen means that my hands get pretty darn cold.

Thankfully after some research last winter, I found something that made a big difference to my feet and fingers. Lanolin.

Lanolin is just the grease that comes from sheeps wool. It is a natural waterproofing and insulating agent that is used in many commercial products. I have no idea why it works, but it was a saviour for me. It meant I could wear my winter boots rather than sneakers, which also meant warmer, less soggy feet.

I still had a tube of Lansinoh from when I was breastfeeding and would massage it into my feet and hands before going to bed (wear socks or you end up with slimy sheets). After a few weeks my feet didn’t hurt anymore, and I still have half a tube to get me through the coming winter. Now that I know what helps, I won’t have to suffer through painful winter feet anymore. And for that I thank sheep farmers, and nature for being so clever.


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