Kick the Crappy Mood


I, like everyone, can get caught in a bad moment. And dwelling there ends in a bad mood. A couple of quick ways I’ve found can help kick it quickly.

Brush your teeth. No one likes a furry mouth and minty fresh always makes me feel more human.

Have a shower. Wash the bad mood down the drain and use a sweet smelling body wash.

Quiet time. Just five minutes alone with a coffee and a book can switch my brain to a better channel.

Listen to a song you love. My current favourites are ‘Morningless’ by Paul Dempsey and ‘Wild Things’ by Alessia Cara.

Hug someone. Someone you love, or a pet. I don’t advise hugging strangers, it’s kinda weird.

Get out in the sunshine. Fresh air, vitamin D, what’s not to love?

And if none of these help, or you’ve got time on your hands, I suggest a Tim Tam Slam and a Nanna Nap.

Here’s hoping your day is awesome, and if not, you can turn it around.


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